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A Parisian Arcade

A Parisian Arcade

“..the Arcade of the Pont Neuf, a sort of narrow, dark corridor...not a place for a stroll.”
Zola imagined a dank, dirty, gaslit arcade on the Rue Guenegaud. It was like the many glass-and-ironwork shopping arcades built in Paris in the 1820s-30s. By the time the Raquins arrive in Paris, many arcades would have been abandoned for grander department stores.

Laurent's Room
“ the Rue Saint-Victor, opposite the Port aux Vins, [Laurent] rented a small furnished room at 18 francs a month. This attic, pierced at the top by a lift-up window, measured barely nine square yards.”
Laurent has come to Paris to be an artist, but he would face steep competition from the thousands of artists striving in Paris in the late 19th century.

Laurent's Studio
To escape from an unhappy marriage, Laurent rents a small artist's studio on the lower part of the Rue Mazarine:
“...a square loft about seven or eight yards long by the same breadth. The ceiling ...inclined abruptly in a rapid slope pierced by a large window conveying a white raw light to the floor and blackish walls.”

A Painter's Studio

A Painter's Studio

Paris Morgue
In the building of a former butcher shop, the morgue opened in 1804 at the quai of Notre-Dame. The exposition room displayed unidentified bodies of accident and homicide victims in the hopes that they would be claimed by friends and relatives. Viewing was free, and the morgue became a form of entertainment and spectacle for voyeuristic Parisians and tourists.

Orleans Railway Station
Paris became the central hub of France’s expanding railways. Over 40 new stations were built between 1840-1900. Camille and Laurent work for the Orleans railway at the Gare d'Orleans, originally built in 1840 and expanded in the 1860s. Today this building is the Gare d'Austerlitz.

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