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“‘Wishful Drinking’ is Brut-Dry and DEEPLY FUNNY”- –


Congratulations to Carrie Fisher and the Wishful Drinking team on an amazing New York Times review!

Just Me and My Celebrity Shadows
Published: October 5, 2009

You have probably wondered what it would be like to walk a mile (or a light-year) in the hair coils of Princess Leia, the intergalactic pinup girl from the original “Star Wars” movies. O.K., so you haven’t.

But Carrie Fisher has arrived on Broadway with the intention of clamping those unflattering Danish-pastry-shaped pieces right onto your head — I mean, figuratively, of course, though in the case of one (un)lucky selected audience member per show, literally. What’s more, you’re going to like it. A lot.

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Like so many people, my familiarity with the creator and performer of Wishful Drinking, Carrie Fisher, started with a little movie called Star Wars, in which a funny hairdo (and later a gold bikini) turned her into an instant icon. Then came her buzzed-about marriage to Paul Simon, her well-publicized adventures with a variety of substances, and the dazzling book that came of those adventures, "Postcards From the Edge." To claim that Carrie has led an interesting life would be an understatement. It’s fair to say that this is a woman with more than enough material for a show about herself. And maybe a few sequels.

What’s wonderful is that Carrie is acutely aware of the inescapable navel-gazing nature of doing a solo piece, and she is upfront about the fact that her intent is not to go on stage every night and make you feel sorry for all of the difficulties that she has lived through. Rather, she takes responsibility for her own actions and says in one of my favorite lines in the show, “If my life weren’t funny, it would just be true. And that would be unacceptable.”

Carrie’s willingness to laugh at the hard-to-believe life she has led is a great lesson for anyone who has ever tried to move on from disaster. And the laughs are plentiful. Whether addressing the failed marriage of her movie-star parents (Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher), the trials of living with bipolar disorder, or the oddity of discovering that you’ve been turned into a Pez dispenser, Carrie meets every obstacle in her path with the wit of a survivor.

For someone whose life seems incredible (this is a woman whose parents had Cary Grant call to tell her to stop using LSD – twice!), Carrie is refreshingly authentic and is simply herself onstage. She is funny, honest, bawdy, and a truly fantastic performer. There is no one else quite like her.

Carrie is one of the great comedic writers of her generation, and I’m thrilled to have her sharing her play and herself with us at Studio 54. And just as Carrie doesn’t hesitate to share every skeleton in her closet with the audience, I hope that you will share your thoughts on her show with me.

I look forward to seeing you at the theater!

Todd Haimes

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Diary of a Mad Hollywood Inbreed – Interview with Carrie Fisher


Carrie Fisher's solo tell-all, Wishful Drinking, opening at Studio 54 this fall, finds laughs amid the lurid details of her life.

Carrie Fisher

Carrie Fisher

Carrie Fisher’s one-woman play Wishful Drinking is a raw, dishy, caustic memoir. She got the inspiration to write it after seeing the solo comic monologues of such actors as John Leguizamo, Julia Sweeney, and Spalding Gray. Fisher realized she had plenty of material to work with because she’d had to write some witty patter and perky anecdotes when asked (endlessly!) at award ceremonies to introduce Star Wars creator George Lucas, who directed her as Princess Leia, or actress Meryl Streep, who played her semi-autobiographical self in the film version of her novel, Postcards from the Edge

“I was already speaking out a lot,” she says. “I was getting awards myself—for being mentally ill. Over time, I evolved these speeches into these little monologues, covering different areas.” So Fisher figured, why not mine her tipsy-turvy life as a Hollywood survivor, a drug addict, and a poster child for bipolar disorder?
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