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Roundabout remembers Roger Rees


The Roundabout family is mourning the loss of a beloved member, Roger Rees. We had the pleasure of being a home to this uniquely talented artist on our stages over the years, with The Rehearsal in 1996, Uncle Vanya in 2000, and, most recently, with 2013’s The Winslow Boy.

I have such fond memories of these collaborations, in which Roger brought his impeccable training, warm humor, and fullness of heart to our audiences. He was a consummate professional and the very definition of a class act. Roger was a generous performer who will be remembered not only for his performances on stage but for the way that he took so many other artists under his wing, sharing the knowledge of his experience and offering mentorship to a new generation.

I feel privileged to have seen Roger perform so many times over the years, from his breakthrough in Nicholas Nickleby to his sly turns on “The West Wing” to his directing work on the wonderful Peter and the Starcatcher. But it’s Roger’s extraordinary work in Terrence Rattigan’s The Winslow Boy that I am thinking about in this sad moment. How lucky we all were to see that beautiful, measured performance from one of the true greats. For all that you gave to your audience, your friends, and the theatre, Roger, we thank you.

Roger Rees in The Rehearsal (1996). Photo by Joan Marcus.

Roger Rees in The Rehearsal (1996). Photo by Joan Marcus.

Roger Rees in Uncle Vanya (2000). Photo by Joan Marcus.

Roger Rees in Uncle Vanya (2000). Photo by Joan Marcus.


Roger Rees with Alessandro Nivola and Charlotte Parry in The Winslow Boy (2013).

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The Winslow Boy closes on Broadway


The first production in our 2013-2014 Season brought Terence Rattigan’s writing back in to the spotlight. Rattigan's classic drama, The Winslow Boy, a production from the Old Vic in London, played a total of 85 performances at the American Airlines Theatre from first preview on September 20 through closing night on December 1.

The cast of The Winslow Boy. Photo by Joan Marcus.


This production welcomed actors Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, Stephen Pilkington, Zachary Booth and Spencer Davis Milford to the Roundabout family. Zachary and Spencer, a high school senior, both made their Broadway debuts. We were thrilled to welcome back Roger Rees, Michael Cumpsty, Alessandro Nivola, Chandler Williams, Meredith Forlenza, and Henny Russell back to our stage.

Production photograph featuring Henny Russell, Roger Rees, Michael Cumpsty, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio & Charlotte Parry. Photo by Joan Marcus.


The Winslow Boy, directed by Lindsay Posner, received rave reviews from The New York Times, Huffington Post  and Variety, and our audience also praised the gripping play saying “this was one of the best and most exciting theatre experiences we have had” and “the play was engrossing and the actors superb.”

Production photograph featuring Spencer Davis Milford, Alessandro Nivola, Roger Rees, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio & Charlotte Parry. Photo by Joan Marcus.


Throughout the show's run our Education at Roundabout program offered a variety of events and workshops connecting middle and high school students with this production.

Members of a 12th grade class from Bronx Theatre High School saw The Winslow Boy student matinee and offered these responses:

“It make me think about what other kids like myself go through when they are blamed for something they didn't do.”

“It made me think about the injustice that occurs now, and that we can make a difference.”

“This show made me think about how much we should be fighting for our rights and speaking out on our behalf to prove innocence instead of just ignoring it.”

Zachary Booth and students


Zachary Booth also met with NYC area middle and high school students at our annual College and Career Readiness Day, which aims to better prepare students for life beyond high school.

To learn more about The Winslow Boy and its history, visit the Roundabout Archive.

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Which Winslow Are You?


Dickie Winslow (Zachary Booth), Ronnie Winslow (Spencer Davis Milford) Grace Winslow (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio), Arthur Winslow (Roger Rees) & Catherine Winslow (Charlotte Parry). Photo by Joan Marcus.

Find out which member of the Winslow family you are most akin in Terence Rattigan's classic drama in our 'Which Winslow Are You?' Quiz.

Your idea of a perfect Saturday night is to:

A)     Go dancing with friends

B)      Read a book

C)      Go to the pictures

D)     Redecorate the house

E)      Curl up with a newspaper and a cup of tea


You are most annoyed by:

A)     Homework

B)      Gender inequality

C)      Liars

D)     Insensitivity

E)      Wrong doing


If you could pass any law, it would be:

A)     To make three-day weekends mandatory

B)      To make female representation a requirement in all areas of government

C)      Ban all homework

D)     Decree that once a year, men take over household duties

E)      Institute a cap on legal fees for families of modest income


What do you like to read?

A)     About the latest fashions and dance crazes

B)      I read all the time. I enjoy authors like Edith Wharton, Betty Friedan and Virginia Woolf just to name a few.

C)      I read too much in school, so I like to watch movies instead

D)     I read the life and style section of the newspaper religiously

E)      I enjoy reading the news, particularly the financial section


Do you like to dance?

A)     I live for it!

B)      I’ve been known to show people a thing or two about dancing

C)      No, I only danced when forced at school

D)     I used to be quite the dancer in my day, but that was some time ago

E)      Dancing seems like a frivolous pursuit to me. I leave that sort of thing to the young people.


Mostly A's = You are the dapper Dickie Winslow (Zachary Booth). Share this on Facebook.


Mostly B's = You are the headstrong Catherine Winslow (Charlotte Parry). Share this on Facebook.


Mostly C's = You are the carefree but sticky-fingered Ronnie Winslow (Spencer Davis Milford). Share this on Facebook.


Mostly D's = You are the warmhearted Grace Winslow (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio). Share this on Facebook.


Mostly E's = You are the stubborn and persistent Arthur Winslow (Roger Rees). Share this on Facebook.


The Winslow Boy plays at the American Airlines Theatre through December 1. For more information and tickets, please visit our website.

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